Free Love Spells

Free Love spells to get your love back

If you have lost your forever love, if you are mourning and you are sad for your love of your life has left you and gone, then do not mourn rather act, yes, wiccan spells can help you out to get your lost love back, love spells made using Wicca are very strong and easy to be casted, with a little guidance you can cast you own love spells for bringing your lover back and to get back your lost love forever.

Wicca uses white magic as the base, although you can even refer to black magic love spells as well, if you have a bizarre situation, but white magic spells are natural in nature and can help you to cast it yourself. There have been many people who cannot afford costly service from spell casters (most of them are fake and costly), so if you touch down a good true spell caster then they would guide you and teach you on how you can cast your own love spell.

Free love spell

During my research with love spells and Wiccan spells I learnt some; here is one below to bring your lost love back. You need to have 2 sandalwood incense stick, along with some rose petals preferred 13 and some rose water. The time when you need to cast this spells should be exactly twelve in the midnight with 12 minutes and twelve seconds i.e. – 12:12:12 am, ok?

 Sprinkle the rose water on the rose petals, and then lift one petal at a time, place it on your forehead, make sure it does not fall, and while placing it chant the below spell, you need to do this 13 times and then burn the sandalwood incense sticks, you will see that in 13 days’ time your lost love is back to you.

“Soothing sandal, lovely rose

Mix together to bring me those,

Alhuja alahiji, bring my lost love back thee me.”

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