Spell to get a lover back

Spell to get a lover back


The best thing in life is when we have someone who loves us more than themselves, who would always think about us and care for us, but the nightmare is when this lover goes away due to some reason and we fall under the trap of a break up.


If this is the scenario you are in then read below on how to cast a love spell to get a lover back and within weeks you would get your lover and love back to you. All you need is a picture of your lover along with you, it should be the same picture where you both are together.

Take a print of the picture so that you have twelve copies, tie each copy with a red thread in the middle, then starting from the first full moon night you need to burn each paper, which means you would burn twelve times, make sure the complete paper burns out but the thread does not, keep collecting the ashes for twelve days, then on the next full moon night take out the ashes and blow them away toward the direction of the moon.


Before blowing and after blowing you need to enchant the below written spell, make sure all the ashes blows away in just one blow. If not then repeat the whole process again.

“Go to thee moon

Bring thee lover back to thee

Thee moon has the power to show the path

Monalu sankalu

Monalu sankalu”


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