Spells to break up a relationship

Guide To Secretly Breaking Up Your With Your Boyfriend

 Many girls have found themselves in a relationship that they no longer want to be a part of at some point in their life. If you have already tried to do this openly with no success then you should try to do it secretly with spells to break up a relationship.


There are many online websites that will try to sell you different types of love spells but do not pay for them because there are many more that give them away for free. Make sure that you follow the entire directions to a tee when casting your spell. If you fail to complete it as directed it will not work properly. You want to be able to cast the spell and have it start working as soon as possible, without delay. That is, if you truly want to get rid of that unwanted boyfriend.


It is important that you purify your body and mind of any doubts, negative thoughts, and demons before you cast the spell. You do not want anything to prevent the spell from working. By purifying your mind you will be able to concentrate on the ritual and nothing else. To purify your body you should run a warm bath add some mentholated bath salts or oils to the water. This will open your skin pores to allow the uncleanliness to leave your body. Now you are ready for the next step of the ritual.

Cleanse The Environment

It is just as important that the room or area that you intend to use is cleansed as well as your mind. This is a very easy process and will not take you long to complete it. After sweeping and mopping the area to rid it of dirt and debris you should burn some incense sticks. This will drive away any negative, lingering spirits. You can also sprinkle the area with salt water or holy water to make sure that the entire area is free of unwanted demons and negativity.

Dress Appropriately

If you have ever visited a fortuneteller you probably have noticed how strange they dress. This is not to say that you must wear the same style of clothing but it is important that you are comfortably dressed. Wear loose clothing so that tight fitting or ill-fitting attire will not distract you. There is nothing more distracting to a woman than a tight, itchy bra. You want to be able to focus solely on the ritual and spell and nothing else.


Candles are a very important item that is required in almost all magic rituals. Candles represent light and are a very welcoming sight for spirits. They also give the working space a tranquil ambiance. You can place these in a circle but be sure that you make the circle large enough for you to sit in the middle of it. Some spells require you to light the candles at the same time you are chanting the spell. Just read the instructions carefully so that you will know when to light them.


Once you have completed all the steps above it will be time for you to enter the circle. Make sure that you only focus on the task as hand and nothing else. If any sudden noise or movement distracts you, you may have to start the process all over from the beginning. This means only the spell-chanting portion of the ritual.


The only way that magic will truly work is if you believe in it. Nonbelievers can attempt their hand in magic but it will never work.

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