Spell to bring back your lover

  If you are depressed that you partner has walked away from your life and you desperately want him  or her to be with you again then the best way would obviously be to sort out things all on your own by amicably coming to an optimal solution. But if on the other hand you think that a proper solution is not being reached than the spells are always there to set your life back on tracks.

Here you would find one such powerful potent spell which can be used for getting back your lover wholeheartedly back to you. But again as the spells are solely aimed not to hurt anyone or to play with the freewill of the other, it would not be proper to totally aim your spells directly on the person, instead you can do one thing. Just cast a free spell on yourself such that you get back your true lover back to you. If incase the person does not come back, then take it for granted that he or she had never loved you truly.


Utter this spell deep within your mind when you wake up from your sleep and when you go to sleep. There are no other restrictions o equipments which you need to have while you cast this spell on yourself.  Just visualize yourself in the hands of your lover. While seeing the same, utter these magical words:-


“Oh my beloved

Come wherever you are

Come to me from wherever you live

To make my life a life of meaning

Oh come by beloved

Come to me and change my life for the better

Oh, come to me my beloved”.

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