Powerful love Spells

Love spells created using powerful magic are very strong like those love spells made using WICCA works perfectly fine and quick, hence if you have lost your love, or you are seeking for your perfect match, or you want to attract someone’s attention towards you then Wiccan love spells are the right thing for you.

Though love spells created using Wicca are strong but then also the same cannot be used to harm anyone, since wiccan love spells are meant only for the good and not for the bad.

While researching with some Wiccan spell caster I came across some love spells and how to do it yourself, here is one love spell for a good marriage. You need to have a candle, some roses and a chart paper. In the chart paper make three circles, each inside each of them, at the top of the circle write the name of the newlywed, these are the people whom you want to get married to, this spell can be performed for oneself.

Light the candle in the center and then cover the circle with rose petals. Make sure the flame of the candle never wears out until you have enchanted the below spell. You need to enchant the spell 113 times and make sure you finish it before it is 1 o’clock in the midnight.

chippi, chippi, chap, chap chaap, I call to you listen to my thap thap,

Come to me, make me marry,

Like we live happy, let us be happy,

chippi, chippi, chap, chap chaap, I call to you listen to my thap thap”.

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Free Love Spells

Free Love spells to get your love back

If you have lost your forever love, if you are mourning and you are sad for your love of your life has left you and gone, then do not mourn rather act, yes, wiccan spells can help you out to get your lost love back, love spells made using Wicca are very strong and easy to be casted, with a little guidance you can cast you own love spells for bringing your lover back and to get back your lost love forever.

Wicca uses white magic as the base, although you can even refer to black magic love spells as well, if you have a bizarre situation, but white magic spells are natural in nature and can help you to cast it yourself. There have been many people who cannot afford costly service from spell casters (most of them are fake and costly), so if you touch down a good true spell caster then they would guide you and teach you on how you can cast your own love spell.

Free love spell

During my research with love spells and Wiccan spells I learnt some; here is one below to bring your lost love back. You need to have 2 sandalwood incense stick, along with some rose petals preferred 13 and some rose water. The time when you need to cast this spells should be exactly twelve in the midnight with 12 minutes and twelve seconds i.e. – 12:12:12 am, ok?

 Sprinkle the rose water on the rose petals, and then lift one petal at a time, place it on your forehead, make sure it does not fall, and while placing it chant the below spell, you need to do this 13 times and then burn the sandalwood incense sticks, you will see that in 13 days’ time your lost love is back to you.

“Soothing sandal, lovely rose

Mix together to bring me those,

Alhuja alahiji, bring my lost love back thee me.”

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The quickest way to bring love into your life

Love in one’s life can be brought by several ways but the best one is to get it without using ay powers externally. We all love to experience unconditional love but not all are successful in attaining the same. This is the tragedy which life brings too many. Either ways there are no problems which have no solutions. This problem too has its own solution. All that you need to do is to follow the steps as well as the instructions which have been asked of you by the spells caster and you would get t some really unbelievable things happening in your life.


If you have been carving for that unconditional love in life and have always not received in fully, then here is the answer to your problems. For performing one such quick spell you would require a crimson colored paper in which your name should be written. Also take a smiling picture of your and place in right before your eyes. Feel that happiness which can be seen in the eyes of the picture and experience the same.


Chant the spell with all the faith you have. The spell you say would actually be invoking the spirits around you to get your wishes fulfilled.


“Oh spirits of wilderness

Listen to me what I implore

Listen to my wishes and whims

Oh spirits come to me

Let your powers work

And let my wishes succeed

Oh spirits listen to me”.


If you would like to have a professional spell cast visit her site:

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Spell to bring back your lover

  If you are depressed that you partner has walked away from your life and you desperately want him  or her to be with you again then the best way would obviously be to sort out things all on your own by amicably coming to an optimal solution. But if on the other hand you think that a proper solution is not being reached than the spells are always there to set your life back on tracks.

Here you would find one such powerful potent spell which can be used for getting back your lover wholeheartedly back to you. But again as the spells are solely aimed not to hurt anyone or to play with the freewill of the other, it would not be proper to totally aim your spells directly on the person, instead you can do one thing. Just cast a free spell on yourself such that you get back your true lover back to you. If incase the person does not come back, then take it for granted that he or she had never loved you truly.


Utter this spell deep within your mind when you wake up from your sleep and when you go to sleep. There are no other restrictions o equipments which you need to have while you cast this spell on yourself.  Just visualize yourself in the hands of your lover. While seeing the same, utter these magical words:-


“Oh my beloved

Come wherever you are

Come to me from wherever you live

To make my life a life of meaning

Oh come by beloved

Come to me and change my life for the better

Oh, come to me my beloved”.

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