Powerful love Spells

Love spells created using powerful magic are very strong like those love spells made using WICCA works perfectly fine and quick, hence if you have lost your love, or you are seeking for your perfect match, or you want to attract someone’s attention towards you then Wiccan love spells are the right thing for you.

Though love spells created using Wicca are strong but then also the same cannot be used to harm anyone, since wiccan love spells are meant only for the good and not for the bad.

While researching with some Wiccan spell caster I came across some love spells and how to do it yourself, here is one love spell for a good marriage. You need to have a candle, some roses and a chart paper. In the chart paper make three circles, each inside each of them, at the top of the circle write the name of the newlywed, these are the people whom you want to get married to, this spell can be performed for oneself.

Light the candle in the center and then cover the circle with rose petals. Make sure the flame of the candle never wears out until you have enchanted the below spell. You need to enchant the spell 113 times and make sure you finish it before it is 1 o’clock in the midnight.

chippi, chippi, chap, chap chaap, I call to you listen to my thap thap,

Come to me, make me marry,

Like we live happy, let us be happy,

chippi, chippi, chap, chap chaap, I call to you listen to my thap thap”.

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