Colored candles meaning

Every color has a meaning of its own and the same holds for candles as well. If you are looking to know what each color means, then you have come to the right place. Here we would brief you on few of the basic colors and the implication these candle colors have when used. Individuals who have a great belief in candle colors know exactly what each color mean and hence use the candles accordingly. Such individuals also use these candles for focusing on few things or for the purpose of meditating pertaining to the various problems faced in one’s life.

Let’s start with few basic colors which are seen commonly nowadays.  Green is known as the color of abundance giving growth, success and money. It also indicates physical healing, success, love, good luck, etc.  The color yellow implies intellect, inspiration, confidence, mental power, endurance, security, etc.  It aids in strengthening the imagination as well as concentration. This is used mostly in rituals.


Red is the color for energy and strength, love, fire, power, attraction and physical attraction. It also implies will power, lust, fertility, potency, etc. Next comes the color of colors, white formed by the mixture of all the other seven VIBGYOR colors exhibiting pureness, spiritual –enlightenment, peace, protections, cleansing, truth, etc. This colored candle can be placed instead of any color in rituals, in case the required color is not available. Pink is considered to be the color of devotion, tenderness, peace, sensitivity, romance, honor, etc.

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