Witchcraft love spells

Witchcraft love spells- the potent spells to get things done


If you are love sick and want your lover beside you which probably is not happening, then these witchcraft love spells would help you. There is nothing to fear as you are not going to do anything illegal or hazardous. Just few simple steps where you would be invoking external powers to get your wishes fulfilled.

Here in this edition I would be speaking of one such white spell which can be used by the individual for getting ones lost lover. All that you need to do here is to invoke external powers to get your wish fulfilled, but just asking would not do. You need to do the same via few simple precise steps. Perform the same religiously can get things done for you. Choose any first Friday night having an even date to perform the ritual. Engrave the name of your lost love in a piece of paper with red ink. Now keep this paper which has the name in it below a lighted candle’s stand at the hour of midnight. Ensure that there is no one near you while you perform this ritual. It is advisable that you do it in a closed room. Once you have kept the paper below the candle stand, next you would need to chant 3-4 line spell. Keep reciting the words,

“Oh come to me oh come

Oh come from wilderness to thee

Come to me leaving all

Come to me forever from all”.


Once you have repeated this spell for 13 times, blow the candle and go to sleep thinking of your love.

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