Love spells that work wonders

Dejected in life with no charm in it, perform this wonderful love spell to bring that passion and liveliness in your life. This spell has to be casted specifically in Fridays as it is on this day when the planet Venus, known the planet of love governs over the day.


While you cast this spell, you would also need to carry along with you few basic things like  a piece of crystal (red in color), you would need a rose that is deep red in color, a red apple, a candle which again has to be crimson in color, a pink candle and a green candle as well to be required along with the red candle, oil burner, and rose oil.


Yu would need to perform this love spell without being disturbed by any phone calls or other visitors. Hence choose a suitable time when you would be totally free from any kind of disturbances. While you are going to perform the magic, think about the love that you would like to usher into your life and fill your life with. This would take you into a different realm together. Now light the oil burner and the candles which have been brought for this magic. You would need to keep the red candle I the center and the others surrounding the same. Now you would need to hold the crystal in your hand and chant the spell which has been given below with utmost faith in the lines:


“Oh Angel of love I beseech you

I beg you to grant my wish come true

I beg you to fill my life with true love

Enteral in nature

True as this flame burns

May this flame of this candles that burn

Enlighten the life which I have forth me

Let the fragrance of this rose oil that burns

Fill my life with the fragrances which I smell now

Carry this as far as it can

And grant my wish that my heart carves for

Oh heavenly powers I beg you

Oh powers of heaven listen to me”.

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