Black magic spells for free – Do they really work?

Black magic has a power of its own and hence can be used for any purpose. There is a general belief that it is used for evil intentions by many, though this is to always true.

We all love to use things which are obtained freely. It’s basically a psychological state of mind which is the same with almost all the human beings. Similarly, it is always a great deal if you get to avail magic tricks or results free of cost right?


To bring smile to your lips, here is a simple black magic trick which can be used by you, and it is there right in front of you free of cost! This simple magic is to bring quick money home. For tis you would need a note of any denomination and a black candle. Though this is not available easily, still try to get one for the best results, else ash could also work.


Now to start with the magic you would require three pieces of cloth of red, blue and green color. Take one ends of each and toe them together. Once this has been done, keep the note, on top of them and cover the whole thing with your hand.

Now think deeply of how much wealthy you are and that money is flowing in to you from several directions, your bank accounts are brimming with cash, your assets are increasing and your luxury levels are enhanced to the peak. Visualize this moments. Bury the cloth under a banyan tree and see the results.

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